Sunday, October 30, 2011

Final days of the trip

After the gorillas, we headed to Lake Kivu for a little relaxation before leaving Rwanda. However, we received a lot of news about Nairobi, where we were returning to for Visit #4, for two days. First came the US state department warning Americans to avoid Kenya due to an imminent terrorist attack aimed at tourists. Then came news of two actual bombings (with grenades) in Nairobi. Let's just say we weren't terribly excited to head there. And, as much as we have been thinking of ways to try to extend our trip, we were happy to only be having about 36 hours in Nairobi, knowing that most of our time would be spent sitting in traffic. //. We said our farewells to Nairobi and Africa, with our departure being in classic African style - the airport lost power. It was our first time standing in the dark at passport control. With the back up generators running the bare minimum (some lights and security screening), there was no air conditioning, and starting a 24 hour travel period sweaty was less than ideal. If you wanted to shop in duty free, you did so in the dark. //. Sitting here in London, it is hard to believe and a bit sad to realize that this amazing three month adventure has come to an end. Thanks for following along with us and we look forward to reconnecting with you soon. - Hugh & Betsy


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